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The Beauty and Benefits of Indoor Office Plants

Interior office plants improve the quality of life in the workplace while presenting an aesthetically pleasing business environment and enhancing brand image. Office plant design has also been shown to improve workplace productivity.

Quite simply, interior office plants can make a huge difference in the look and feel of an office. Professional office plant design goes a long way in making an impression and creating a pleasant and productive work atmosphere.

Initial Tropical Plants, Inc. is the largest indoor office plants company in North America. We have earned this industry-leading position by providing innovative and customized indoor office plants programs to businesses of every size and shape in a wide variety of industries.

With over 25 years of experience, the professionals at Initial Tropical Plants are experts at designing indoor office plant landscapes that are exactly right for your space and budget. Our office plant specialists will create and maintain a beautiful and harmonious atmosphere for your business.

We have an indoor office plants program that is just right for you, no matter your business size or needs. You can purchase plants and containers or you can lease them. Both options come with our complete guaranteed maintenance service to ensure your plants look good all year long.

If you keep meaning to get interior office plants for your business but are just too busy, we have a pre-packaged, Plant Rental Program just for you. You can have beautiful indoor office plants delivered, installed and maintained with a two-minute review of our three rapid rental choices and the click of a button.

Our nationwide indoor office plant expertise is provided through local branches, assuring prompt, personal attention to your office plant design, installation and maintenance needs. Our years of experience assure clients they are getting the best in office plant quality and maintenance. Whether you buy or lease your office plants, our replacement guarantee ensures that your interior landscape is always lush, healthy, and handsome.

Office plants bring life and beauty into every environment – office, retail, hospitality and public spaces. Adding tranquility to busy places, they help building owners attract and retain tenants. They enhance office surroundings for employees and provide a living welcome to clients, customers and guests. Let Initial Tropical Plants help your business experience the beauty and benefit of indoor office plants today.