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Many large corporate office buildings feature an atrium. These spaces are usually well lit and are ideal locations for plant displays. Offices that do not have an external window often only have a view of the atrium, so it makes good sense to provide an attractive view. Views of lush green plants are now regarded as an important way to reduce workplace stress and increase productivity. Planted atriums may be the only view that some building tenants get.

Atriums are often the focal point of a building and they are frequently the place where visitors to the building arrive and form their first impression.

This is the atrium of Human Genome Sciences in Washington, DC. The space is well lit and has an airy feel.

This large glass-fronted atrium at the Parkway North – Baxter Pharmaceuticals campus in Deerfield, IL makes good use of pockets of colored plants.

This narrow atrium at the Fuji America Headquarters in Vernon Hills, IL makes use of a long pool to reflect the curved roof of the building. The planting style and wooden bridge reflect the Japanese origins of the company.

Informal planting and the use of replica bamboo give this atrium at Esplanade at Locust Pointe, Downers Grove, IL an outdoors feel.

The large atrium at the John Deere Headquarters in Moline, IL gives a view of greenery to the office workers over-looking the space.

The atrium at the Sears headquarters in Hoffman Estates, IL is very formal and, despite the large size of the trees, quite understated.