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The hospitality industry is a major growth industry and relies heavily on the ability to achieve a superior rating from their guests. Adding plants to these environments, by bringing nature indoors, is key to achieving aesthetic beauty and environmental balance.


First impressions are everything to the hospitality client. Subdued lighting, high quality furnishings and stylish décor are the hallmarks of these spaces. Plants are often used to add a touch of class. They are also useful to provide privacy and to reduce noise.

The lobby of the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel in Santa Monica, CA uses tall specimen palms to help scale down the height of the atrium.

The Westin Hotel in Stamford, CT was modernized and now includes these amazing living indoor hedges.

The Embassy Suites chain of hotels feature large plant displays in the hotel atriums. The style varies considerably from informal jungle to palm laden oases.

Above is a bird’s eye view of the atrium in the Embassy Suites Hotel, Denver. The planting is quite formal to match the colonial tropical style of the seating area.

Below This hotel atrium in Dallas has its Ficus trees decorated with fairy lights. Care must be taken to ensure that any wires are not too tightly bound to the tree and that they are properly insulated to prevent heat damage.

Above This hotel atrium has many large palms and other jungle plants, giving a real tropical feel on the outskirts of Chicago.

Below This atrium in Houston makes excellent use of preserved palm trees and live under planting.

Above This hotel dining area at Lexington, KY features large numbers of floral plants to divide the seating area.

Below The Ficus trees at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Lombard, IL, are lit from below to give a pleasing effect.

Above This hotel atrium in Sacramento features a mixture of live and preserved trees.

Below Preserved palms are also used here in a Las Vegas Hotel.

The Hilton Americas Hotel, Houston, TX is the largest hotel in the downtown Houston area. It has over 1,200 rooms and serves the Houston Convention Center and local sports facilities. Adding plants to the walk through area between the hotel and convention center achieved an ideal balance of reducing noise and softening the otherwise industrial outside view.

This stunning interior landscape is in the glass-roofed atrium at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa Hotel in Florida. The design incorporates modern sculpture, top quality furnishings and building materials.

The avenue of fabricated palm trees emphasizes the symmetrical layout of the space.