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Architectural Landscape Design

Initial Tropical Plants is the nation’s largest and most experienced interior landscape contractor. We reached this formidable position simply by outdoing all of our competitors in every category, including architectural landscape design.

Architectural landscape design adds the finishing touch to any commercial design project. A professional plant program, including design, procurement, delivery, installation and maintenance is a critical element of stunning, high-impact architecture that makes an impression on owners, tenants, customers, clients, employees, guests and visitors alike.

We offer the finest in architectural landscape design and deliver total value in every step of the process, including providing the highest quality plant material available. Our colleagues keep abridge of the latest trends and education through our architectural landscape design associations with the leading architectural associations for the industry. Our architectural landscape design services include:

Interior Landscape Design

Our staff of architectural landscape designers is available to design your interiorscape for projects nationwide or worldwide. We can produce drawings, specifications, bidding documents, and details customized to your project. We have full CAD and IMAGING capabilities and our interior landscape design team can seamlessly interface with your project’s architect and developer.

Interior Design Consultation

Our interior landscape professionals are available for consulting services. If you do not need our full architectural landscape design services, but do need consultation, we will happily be of service providing you with photographs of plants and their current availabilities. We can assist you in determining special light requirements and provide technical guidance on the latest in soil and drainage materials. We also have the resources to custom grow plant products.

Interior Landscape Installation

Our landscape crews will install your project on time and within budget. We draw upon staff from our 40 offices to assemble a team that best suits your project requirements. We have the equipment and expertise to handle complex and demanding projects; and our foremen are well versed in handling large tree installation.

Plant Sourcing and Procurement

Our architectural landscape design department includes a foliage-purchasing group that will develop a master plant list for a specific project. If a list has already been chosen, we can assist in locating those items and securing them for your project. You can also participate in nursery tagging trips to select or approve plants for your project.

Fabricated and Preserved Plants

Although live plants are always a wonderful choice for architectural landscape design projects, not all situations can support the growth and development of living plants. When this is the case, our carefully crafted fabricated and preserved plants provide the natural look our clients require. Fabricated and preserved plants can be custom-built to meet any design requirement.

Construction and Project Management

The scope of Initial Tropical Plants construction experience is exceptionally broad. Every project, regardless of size or type, receives our total commitment to meeting the owner’s quality, budget, and schedule objectives. Effective management of an architectural design construction project requires a disciplined approach to planning and execution. Initial Tropical Plants takes great pride in its record of on-time completion within specified budgets. For more information contact us.