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Commercial Plant Containers

Indoor plants add warmth, life, color and ambience to commercial environments. Putting those plants in the right commercial plant containers raises interior plant design to a whole new level.

Often, office plant companies place too much emphasis on the plants themselves and forget that the plant container is also a critically important element of the design and the overall result. As the largest indoor plant company in North America, we know that every element contributes to design impact, which means providing lush, beautiful healthy plants and fabulous plant containers.

We offer commercial plant containers in a variety of shapes, colors and styles to suit every decorating theme, color scheme, or atmosphere. From natural to high-tech, from soothing to high-energy, from metallics and angles to earth tones and earthenware, we offer any style of commercial plant container you could desire.

Our commercial plant containers come in every size and application, including plant containers for floor plants, wall plants, hanging plants and tabletop / groundcover plants. We have commercial plant containers big enough for the tallest atrium trees and small enough to perfectly complement a single, stunning orchid. Any commercial plant container need you have . . . we have the plant container to meet it.

Below is just a small sampling of the commercial plant containers we offer.