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Financial Office Plants

In recent years, the financial services industry has adopted a more tranquil, inviting look than their office environments had in the past. One way financial industries have achieved this warmer look and feel is by adding indoor plants as an important element of their financial office décor.

Financial office indoor plants can have a dramatic effect on financial buildings or financial offices. These pictures are of a recently installed indoor plant display in a financial services company in Chicago. The modern, almost industrial, style of the plant containers was chosen to complement the dark stone decor of the offices. Color under planting provides a point of brightness against the austere interior.

This indoor plant display at the Royal Bank of Canada’s London offices has been recognized with a Silver Award of Excellence at the 2004 eFIG interior landscaping awards ceremony. This financial business office plant project posed some interesting maintenance challenges because of low light levels and indoor plant beds set high above the floor level. But these pictures make clear the impact that indoor office plants have made in this financial building, and can make in any financial building or office. View the Initial Tropical Plants Awards page to learn more about our industry accomplishments.

Initial Tropical Plants is North America’s largest indoor office plant company with service to financial and business offices worldwide. And our on-going indoor office plant maintenance programs ensure that your indoor plants stay lush and healthy year ‘round.

For more information about our financial office indoor plant design, installation and maintainance services, contact us today.