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Interior Plants for Healthcare Facilities

Plants can have a significant positive impact in any health care environment. Recent industry research has proven that interior plants dramatically improve patient recovery rates.

Interior plants in a variety of health care settings also reduce stress and positively effect visitors and staff as well.

Initial Tropical Plants is North America’s largest interior plant company. We provide design, installation and maintenance of interior plants for health care settings including:

  • Interior plants for senior living centers
  • Indoor plants for doctors’ office
  • Interior plant designs for nursing homes
  • Medical office interior landscaping
  • Indoor plants for hospice centers

These kinds of health care environments all benefit from including indoor plants and interior plant design to help create an inviting, soothing, relaxing, and healing health care atmosphere. The use of interior plants in health care facilities is considered state-of-the-art design by many health care architects and other health care professionals who appreciate the warmth, beauty, and life-giving properties of green, growing things in health care settings. More and more professionals now recognize the positive effect that interior plants have on the well-being of patients, visitors and staff alike.

Some examples of the way we have used interior plants in health care settings include:

The plant displays at Memorial Health Care, Worcester, MA were designed by Hammer Design Landscape Architects, and installed by Initial Tropical Plants.

Loyola Medical Center, Chicago, IL uses plant displays in many of its public areas, making the surroundings more relaxed for patients, visitors and medical staff.

Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta, GA has a very large plant display in its atrium. There is a considerable body of research that demonstrates plants in and around hospitals have significant benefits to patients, staff and visitors.