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For All Your Holiday Plant Rental Needs

Our holiday plant designs can dramatically transform your business environment into an impressive seasonal display that will surprise and delight customers, clients and staff. We specialize in holiday plant displays and seasonal decorating for a number of holidays and occasions including:

  • Christmas holiday plants and decorations
  • Chanukah holiday décor plants and decorations
  • Winter plant rentals and decor
  • Valentine’s Day holiday plant rentals
  • Seasonal decorating with spring plants and flowers
  • Easter holiday plants
  • Seasonal décor plants and themes for autumn (including Halloween and Thanksgiving)

Our holiday plant design consultants and installers work collaboratively with you to create a theme and décor for any holiday or any time of year. The pictures below show a range of holiday plant rental designs for a variety of holidays and locations including office buildings, hotel lobbies, apartment buildings, office suites, private banks, parties, retail settings and private homes

We do recommend that you reserve your holiday or seasonal décor early in order to ensure your first choice of design, plant selection and installation date. Christmas plant rental times can get exceptionally busy, so as much advance notice as you can give us for your holiday plant rentals for Christmas season will be to your best advantage.

Valentines Day