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Law Office Plants

Image, brand consistency, and status are essential ingredients to a successfully designed professional office. For law offices, plants can be a critical contributor to a professional look and feel that impresses yet also conveys warmth. The right plants in a law office add color, style, and atmosphere. Law office plants can mean the difference between “stuffy” and “inviting”, between “intimidating” and “impressive”, and between “imperious” and “classy”.

See how we enhanced the overall corporate image of a law office in St. Louis, MS.

Initial Tropical Plants is North America’s largest office plant company. We offer customized plants for law offices nationwide for firms large and small. You can choose to lease or purchase the plants for your law office; and both choices include our industry-leading maintenance program to keep your greenery looking beautiful, lush and healthy at all times.

Our law office plants and containers range from modern to traditional, in colors from vibrant to subdued. Whatever image you want to create or reinforce in your law office, plantscaping by Initial Tropical Plants can help you achieve it.

And keep in mind that office plants not only enhance your law firm’s image for clients, but plants have been proven to improve the workplace environment for employees as well. Review our Industry Research to learn more about how plants benefit the workplace.

And if your law office or office building contains an atrium area, Initial Tropical Plants (ITP)has an impressive selection of atrium office plants. We not only design and install plants for office atriums, but we have a wonderful atrium plant maintenance program as well.