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Enhance With Office Plants

Time and time again we hear from our customers that office plants have added immeasurably to their office environment, and also help demonstrate management’s commitment to improving quality of life in the workplace.

Our office plant rental programs make renting office plants easy and affordable.

We offer plant rental programs for offices both large and small of any size and configuration. Our office plants add warmth, beauty, atmosphere (and oxygen!), to a variety of offices settings. Here are just a few examples of the ways our office plant rental programs enhance work spaces:

Open Plan Office

Many people spend the bulk of their waking lives in an open plan office. It is, therefore, vital that these work places are as comfortable as possible. Evidence of the benefits of plants to office workers is well documented. Our easy and convenient office plant rental programs can immediately and dramatically improve the look and feel of cubicle office environments. Our special plant rental programs for open offices can make use of color-coded containers to help distinguish different departments.

Executive Suite

Executive offices, conference rooms and boardrooms are often well furnished, quiet and luxurious office areas. The plants used in such areas need to reflect a certain status, and complement each color scheme, furnishings and decorative style. Our customized office plant rental programs provide top-of- the-line office plants and containers to enhance any executive office image, from sleek, modern, hi-tech, or creative, to elegant and traditional.

Office Entrance and Reception Areas

The Capital Group in California image below depicts our creation of a stunning entrance by adding large plant displays in decorative containers on either side of the stairway. The right office plant rental design can create a high-impact impression for any office or reception area, at a fraction of the cost of other office upgrades or remodeling.

To learn more about our office plant rental programs, click here or call us today.