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A little green goes a long way towards enhancing your business environment. Interior landscaping makes every environment healthier, more attractive, and more welcoming — to your employees, visitors, and customers.

With a customized plant program from Initial Tropical Plants you can improve employee morale and productivity, as well as absenteeism, stress, and background noise. Industry research has shown that plants improve indoor air quality and help promote healthy office environments by reducing harmful toxins around the clock.

Our highly trained, experienced design consultants provide comprehensive, personalized solutions that optimize your brand image while meeting your space and budget needs. To see how your interior landscaping design will look, we can provide visual representations of your design using state-of-the-art photo imaging. Once your design is installed, our service professionals water, clean, dust, prune, and fertilize plants, keeping them lush, healthy, and attractive year-round.

Whether you have one office or multiple locations, we are positioned across the country to serve your every need.