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Plant Design Guide

Our Plant Design Guide provides an opportunity to see suggested combinations of color and green plants, as well as seasonal selections. Creating a customized design that is unique to your business has never been easier.

Each selection in the Plant Design Guide has an indoor lighting indicator and a product code. If you are interested in any of the selections, simply write down the product code and contact one of our sales and design consultants.

As you travel through our Plant Design Guide making your selections, keep the following things in mind:

  • What look/message do you want to communicate to your customers and/or employees?
  • Does this area or room have plenty of natural light, artificial light or is this a conference room that is rarely used?
  • How much “people traffic” does this room have? Is there sufficient space for people to move about?
  • Are you looking for a classic look or does a contemporary look better describe this area?

If you would like help answering any of these questions, our sales and design consultants will be happy to assist you, either over the phone or in person.