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Indoor Plants for Retail Enterprises

In a retail setting, the customer’s decision to buy is influenced by many things. Indoor plants in retail locations help retailers create an inviting atmosphere. Plants also support the ability to display products attractively and effectively.

Retail indoor plants can be used to great advantage to enhance the image of both the setting and the products, and help create a positive brand image for the retail enterprise.

Initial Tropical Plants is the largest retail indoor plants company in North America. Our extensive experience with retail indoor plants for retail settings has taught us that the plants and containers must be easily movable in order to accommodate changing displays and traffic patterns. As a result, we provide our retail indoor plant clients with lightweight, mobile plant containers, available in a variety of colors to match any store, showroom or product display color scheme. Our National Accounts department is set up to handle retail indoor plant requirements for multiple locations nationwide.

The famous Rodeo Drive in California is one of the most prestigious shopping avenues in the World. Plants line the streets and add color and ambience to the overall appeal and experience of shopping on Rodeo Drive. The installation of this design won a Plantscape Industry Alliance (PIA) award in 2005.

The car showrooms in Port Coquitlam, Canada require high quality, but relatively small indoor plant displays that can be moved around the showroom as car inventory changes. Car showrooms are a natural place for indoor plant displays because automobile marketing is very focused on brand image, which can be beautifully enhanced by expert indoor plant design created specifically for retail showrooms.