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The Importance of Interior Plants for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Technical/Trade Schools

Countless studies have shown that atmosphere and surroundings can profoundly affect learning, and that interior plants in schools can make an enormous contribution to the learning environment.

Interior plants for colleges, plantscaping at universities, and real or replica plants in technical schools can all make a significant difference in the interior school environment. In addition to students and teachers being more attentive and less stressed, school attendance figures are also higher when school plants are used in school interiors.

The interior plant design at this university cafeteria at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD has the feel of a conservatory or garden room. The use of hanging plant baskets and planted window troughs add beauty and life without taking up valuable floor space.

The interior plant use at this university includes a newly installed atrium. The large trees are stunning, old olives (Olea europaea) that complement the character of this renowned university.

Our college indoor plant installations include Palm Beach Community College in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This college wanted interior school plants for their new student lounge to create a more pleasant, inviting environment, but live plants were a concern for a number of reasons. Lifelike replica plants were selected, with special attention to the base of the plants. Resin river rock and lifelike moss in the school’s plant containers added aesthetics and authenticity, but met all requirements for safety and durability.