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Interior Plant Design for Zoos, Aviaries, Museums and Botanical Gardens

Interior plant design for zoos and aviaries is critical for many reasons. Of course aesthetics and atmosphere are important for zoo visitors, but the most important use of plants in zoos and aviaries is to create as comfortable and natural a habitat as possible for the animals.

These pictures show interior plant design at zoos throughout the U.S. Notice how zoo plants not only provide a dramatic backdrop to the exhibits, but also give the zoo animals a feel for home. This same talent for specialty interior plant design can be used to great effect for botanical garden indoor plants and museum interior landscaping.

This indoor plant display is part of the South American Rain Forest exhibit at the Tulsa Zoo in Oklahoma.

The crocodile enclosure at the Tulsa Zoo uses live interior plants in the foreground and a painted ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect for the backdrop. Can you spot where the real life plants end and the painting begins?

The Denver Zoo in Colorado has one of the largest planted landscapes in the industry. This interior plant design was created for the clouded leopard enclosure, but they were a bit camera shy this day.

At the Milwaukee County Zoo aviary in Wisconsin, the birds feel at home among the plants and trees, and perch happily on the rocks.

At the North Carolina Zoo aviary plants are used to enhance the environment of the birds, which makes the space more beautiful and interesting for visitors too.